The video below records a comparison between the two armies performing their duties. The first is the image is vid as an amateur actor, The soldier was trying to break the window of a passenger car, and it looked pretty bulky. He punched a small hole and forcefully pulled the glass out of the vehicle.

Next is the image of the military group that is said to act professionally; with a quick action of just holding a light, the broken glass will not take much longer.
This video quickly received netizens’ attention and caused many controversies. They think this is an unreasonable comparison because the glasses in the second video are excellent.

Typically fragile, but the glass at the beginning of the video is plated glass that is very hard to break, and when there is a strong impact, it only hurts a small piece, not broken like standard glass. The other “The glass is different, the first is the plated glass that makes it harder to break because there is plastic in the center, and the second is the tempered glass that breaks into small pieces with a difference, not the professional smo of the soldier.”

If we look closely, we can see that there is no one in the distance, and this is probably the training session of these soldiers, everything they have to learn and bring with them. God is ready to fight to protect the country. I am still determining what the owner of this clipping and comparison video is for, but it has caused great controversy for residents. Netizens and affect the reputation of the other soldier.