The video captures the image of a guy taking a video of his glass-throwing action to post a video of the like sentence on the internet. The guy will throw a cup from a distance into a cup. Another cup is in front of the camera screen. As the video captured on the screen, the guy threw all the glasses into the cup, but in reality, the behind-the-scenes will let people see the surprising fact that the glasses the guy threw all fell out, and the glass that fell in was his co-star near the camera.

In. The two combined very well to create a perfect video that fooled the viewers, and they suddenly realized that these tricks were tricks without their knowledge. With tips and little tricks, they could turn the viewer’s face convincingly. The video quickly gained attention after it was posted, and many people saw this trend after seeing the trend I tried it myself, but they ultimately failed. And now, they see the real reason and how to throw the glass in the right place. Many people are annoyed when they cheat. They lie to viewers, and they have no talent. Besides, someone praises these two young people because they have devised a sophisticated trick to deceive viewers in such a convincing way.

Thereby showing that magic is the same, also sophisticated tricks are aimed at the viewer, but they do not detect and find the trick there. Magic has been a pastime for centuries, sending generations of children and adults venturing through various emotions, from fear to excitement.

Sitting in the middle of a crowd and watching a magic show is an indescribably exciting experience. After being guided through each step by the magician and coming to the final surprise, the audience will “eye the letter A, mouth the letter O” and exclaim:
How could they do that?!