The video below records the scene where the girl and the boy describe the air force and military-style; we can see the majesty and decisiveness. In their movements, for the most part, all actions are the same, strong, decisive, and majestic. The video makes you enjoy watching and feel more clearly.

About the army, the heroes silently train day and night to protect the country. The air force is a component of the army’s payroll, the point that plays an important role, is organized for air combat, has strong firepower, long range, and is the most mobile part of the army. Many air forces in the world also include military aerospace, intercontinental missiles, and communication equipment.

Some air forces may include air defense assets such as anti-aircraft artillery, surface-to-air missiles or missile interceptors, and warning systems. Most countries have powers. Independent air force – Air Service – equivalent to the Army and Navy. The Army is an organized group of armed men, state training for use in offensive or defensive warfare.

It is a centralized, permanent and professional armed organization run by a state or a constructive political movement aimed at gaining power, liberating the country, and defending the territory, area, and fatherland by armed struggle (war, civil war, fighting…) or waging war, armed effort to achieve the political purpose of the state or of that political movement.