A video that was recently posted has attracted a lot of attention and people sharing about the stupid actions of animals that make everyone smile when they watch it.In the first video of a dog standing looking for food on a bare ground, a duck groped and came to a point at the dog’s butt that made him jump up for pain.

Next, a big brown horse with an itchy ass but no one could help him, so he gave himself up against the black net, that fence was on the grass, and then he passed it around rhythmically…
A fat black cat is lying on the floor very relaxed and a forward yellow duck wants to rely on its warm fur and the end of that duck has been kicked out by the cat’s feet 20m in a definitively tragic and painful way.

on the highway, a black truck drove those seals onto the car and onto the highway , which swayed along the seal’s buttocks as rhythmically as if the car could follow them all the time.
The next clip is a boy who has been taken to the zoo by his parents to be able to experience,when he gives a branch of grass to the giraffe to lift to the sky.

She played very lively music and her dog was swaying very rhythmically and professionally ,it was like a dancer of the species for that,following the song very well but a white dog standing on one side still couldn’t follow it and just stood passionately watching.