Video of a police car hitting a George Floyd protester on May 30 is being investigated by New York police.

According to CNN, the 27-second video, posted on Twitter, shows a New York police car parked in front of a crowd throwing objects at it. There’s a barrier in front of the police car, but it knocks over the barrier and crashes into the emoji. Screams can be heard in the video. Unknown dies or not.
This work process further ignited the fire between the people and the police, in the context of many protests that broke out in major cities across the United States after the death of the black man George Floyd. armed at the hands of police in Minneapolis. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the mission was under investigation, but stressed that police officers had no choice.

“I will not blame the officers, who are trying to deal with a situation that is completely unmanageable. The protesters around that police car did the wrong thing in the first place and they created an unsolvable problem,” de Blasio said.

“I wish the officers had found a different approach, but from the very beginning the expressive people in the video did the wrong thing to surround the vehicle,” added de Blasio.

The mayor insists on up to 30.5 that he has spoken to community leaders and is likely to have sentimentalists trying to incite violence including those who have been to New York since other places.

“Those who represent the community of our city and the residents of our city do not participate in negative and violent protests,” Mr. de Blasio said.