The retraining of sailors in the use of tear gas, which was mandated every three years, was discontinued by the U.S. Navy.

“We have made the decision to immediately stop requiring our defense training program’s pepper spray retraining every three years. I feel that once is enough after speaking with the crew of the destroyer USS Gridley “John Richardson, the chief of staff of the US Navy, was quoted by Sputnik on November 22.

Retraining every three years, according to the US Navy, will aid sailors in keeping their combat reflexes and sensation after being pepper sprayed. Only those who pass the exam are permitted to deploy tear gas during riots or hostilities..

Spraying the sailor’s eyes with the chemical oleoresin capsicum serves as the first step in training. This drug has the ability to impair respiration, burn the eyes, and briefly render the victim blind for 30 to 45 minutes.
Before utilizing a baton to subdue demonstrators and prevent being disarmed, this individual will need to discover a technique to take down and disable another sailor. The training’s goal is to assist sailors in maintaining their capacity to fight while under the effects of pepper spray, while also assisting them in comprehending how they feel and preventing excessive usage of tear gas in battle.
“The soldier won’t have the confidence to battle the pain and finish the job if they don’t feel the shock of being pepper sprayed. If they quit during the examination, In the US Navy report, sailor Pete Ingram stated that they would not be permitted to use tear gas.