The video recorded the scene of firefighters trying to extinguish the fire that occurred with the black car in the clip, it is known that this car was on fire long before

the fire brigade arrived, but thanks to them, the fire was quickly extinguished.

In the video, a firefighter is using a water cannon to put out this fire after hours of fatigue and anxiety but also trying his best to put out the fire. I suspect a guy

somewhere runs up and acts like he’s teasing them with his hand and pulling the cock away.

Soon after, the guy was chased by the people around him and given a life lesson, this stupid and thoughtless act made him receive a lot of criticism and discontent from netizens. Share contact:

“I’ll slap him in the face.”

“Culture, born to try to destroy everything, to cry when everything that destroys is taken away”

“Turn that faucet around and show them how it feels.”

In addition, firefighters have won the hearts of viewers with this dangerous work, viewers love them very much and want to send their best wishes:

“Literally all fire does is save lives with EMT, they should always be off limits no matter what climate they’re going into.”

“That fireman should turn the faucet on that low living standard and turn off the lights”

“It’s culture. Not all cultures are equal. The values you were raised with, the people around you, etc., matter.”