In the video posted by a person on a social network, receiving a lot of comments from netizens, it is known that these two children are brothers and are allowed

to play together by their mother with available items such as toys children .

The girl and the boy both liked the same toy and tried to grab it, but the boy quickly snatched the toy and pushed her away, much to the surprise of netizens.

In another moment the boy also took the girl’s toy and during the struggle the girl fell on her back and just cried, the boy took everything from the girl and all the time.

This girl fell all 3 times and many people joked that this is the future Karen, even many people expressed their feelings to this video.

“This little girl will grow up beating herself up and calling the police and saying her boyfriend did it”

“That girl’s name is Karen right? lol…”

“Damn everyone. These are toddlers who can’t regulate their emotions. Love all the perfect parents out there”

However, some think that this is really a bad behavior between children, they need to be taught how to yield to each other.

“My son never behaves like that but my daughter, I can see him doing this lucky you caught him ha x diva)”

” Poor boy needs to start recording all their interactions to protect himself…”