In the clip above, the owner of the clip uploaded a video of the camara suing the traffic police car that took his way. The incident happened in the morning when it was raining heavily.

The owner of the clip was circulating on the road when there was a traffic police car asking for directions, but he did not let it, causing the traffic police car to speed up in front of his car. In this case, in my opinion, it is wrong for the owner to record this clip and post it on social networks. Whatever vehicle they signal, it is our duty to give way to them, which is a small requirement.

We also have to realize the smallest thing that even a child can recognize: the police car turns on the emergency lights, the horn can also see what the police car is doing. ask for the way and avoid any trouble easily. To me it’s like the car in the fast lane has no reason to be there. It was only for passing and the fact the police car passed seemed to indicate the lane was clear to enter. Whatever the police car does after that is not the event when you look at the accident and the root cause. After this article, I will share it here for the purpose of us understanding the law better. Avoiding the case of taking the other person’s way will easily cause an accident.