From an overhead angle, the whole magical incarnation of the dove is fully exposed. Are you looking for an item where people instantly know you’re a true Mage?

The hat turns into a lovely pigeon, the performance is so familiar but always brings great attraction. This magic hat is just what you need. With the original flimsy

hat, with a snap of his fingers, this hat transforms into a big and daring magician’s hat.

Not only that, you can also take out rabbits, birds or some of your favorite items. In particular, this hat is also a suitable prop for those performing on stage.

From this hat, the magician can take out a pigeon or a baby rabbit, interesting isn’t it. As we all know, magic is an art form that performs strange transformations, created with special techniques or props, to surprise viewers.

The main feature of magic is the absurd, the extraordinary. Magicians are called magicians. Magic is classified according to several criteria. To acquire the element of a mage, students must learn the steps of magic.

In this video too, a man is performing a magic show that turns a scarf into a dove from a strange hat that makes viewers extremely surprised but will not be able

to ignore this young man when He stood on high and exposed this magic show that made the audience extremely excited. surprised. Some comments on this:

“Everybody knows that but the kids love this.”

“Losing 1 joy of life”

“Magic is not magic, faster than the eye is faster, is a kind of entertainment, no need to dig!”

Viewers know the truth, but don’t blame them because magic is also an illusion, so this is also one of the performances that children love to watch because it is very interesting and sublime in their eyes.