Self-printing on t-shirts is one of the fashion trends that young people love today. Because these methods are quite simple and popular, you can easily do them yourself at home with fairly easy-to-find tools.
For more details on how to print pictures on t-shirts, please read the article below
First of all, you should prepare some necessary tools such as: T-shirt heat transfer paper, iron, spray paint, plastic wrap, newspaper, glue, tape. Then you do the steps

Let your t-shirts become more impressive designed by you. You can be creative with the most novel and unique design ideas.
You can come up with your own or you can refer to the images printed on the internet such as stylized pictures, chibi pictures, or impressive sentences…
Or if you want to show your love for the country, you can choose a picture of the president like the guy in the video does 😀

Once you’ve identified the idea, you can immediately begin the detailed design phase. This stitch is very simple if you know how to use t-shirt design software on your computer or phone. Then use the printer to print the image and slogan…. designed on paper. Before printing, please measure the print size to fit the shirt. Then use scissors to cut off the edge and keep the part of the image to be printed.

You should prepare a new t-shirt for printing. You should choose a plain t-shirt with a light color to make the print stand out and more beautiful.
First, you put the photo paper on the t-shirt at the position you want to print, so the surface of the print should be facing down on the fabric, then continue to put it on the thermal transfer paper.

Use a heat press machine on the area to be printed and then move it slowly and evenly over the printing area. Then take out the thermal transfer paper, you’re done.