The video below shows a man trying to unlock his door. He looks very shaken and worried. He even forgot which key was the key to open the door. There. People
Viewers can easily see his instability through this video; they wonder what is happening to him that makes him so scared. The disappointing ending makes viewers even more curious.

And care a lot more. Many people left their greetings and encouraged him to see that something had happened to him. Some people quickly realize this is a video that likes viewers and doesn’t convey any content. Sometimes it’s just curiosity attracting viewers’ attention; they are already successful. Today phenomenon of The like sentence is no longer strange to each of us, social networks are on the rise, and we can earn a high income from them.

So many people, for this benefit, create videos of like sentences, tasteless situations with no content, or show disruptive games. Contradictions. Many videos are still harmful and negatively affected, but they receive many views, comments, and shares, so it is spreading and affecting more and more. A lot to our lives. We need to assert ourselves but do not have enough talent, wisdom, or knowledge… so many young people play the crazy, offensive, ridiculous “like sentence” game.
Only to be known by many as deviant thinkers. .

Facebook is the most widely used social network today. All “golden top” information lower bran”; The users’ joy, anger, love, and hatred are shared on this social network. The images, sayings, and moods … and posting on Facebook will be shared by the community Support the network by liking (like) or commenting (comment), and share (share) with others in the “spinning” circle. Finish.