Chris Lobanzo is a famous Tik Tok star and Model from the United States. Chris has inspired millions of people with his creative ideas and quality content .

He is one of the few TikTok stars to gain around 5.6 million followers instantly. He is considered one of the popular influencers. He is known for his good looks, cute smile, great style and personality.

He is also known for his eye-catching photos and videos on Instagram. He has a huge fan following. TikTok has one of the best algorithms in the world when it comes to detecting talented individuals and one of those talented people is Chris.

He is one of the most trending characters on TikTok. You will soon see him again in Model shoots. He is primarily known for his comedy video clips and comedy skits on TikTok.

He often shares stylish outfits and model photos on his Instagram. And now a crowned “muser”. We will guide you all about him. Check out the Wiki, Age, Family, Facts, ….

He is a fitness enthusiast. His Instagram is flooded with selfies. He’s smart and cute. He is very popular among young people. He is about 5′ 10′ inches tall and weighs about 72 kg.

He has a Lean Build. He has brown eyes and black hair. What made netizens laugh when posting a video of him playing the role of a patient was that the patient was in a coma, when he was about to pretend to be in a coma, the doctor walked in, surprising both the doctor and him Frozen .

Then the doctor yelled that he just needed to move and then the guy pretended to be unconscious. This video makes viewers extremely surprised by this,
they find him very funny and this is what makes the viewers like him even more .

“Lmfao yooooo I’m rolling”

“My question is how long has he been pretending to be asleep? 😂😂😂”

” Lol that girl must be so ugly she pretends you’re in a coma”