The video recorded the scene of high-ranking state cars following a convoy and then suddenly stopping and being surrounded by a vehicle, between them there was an incident that made viewers extremely uncomfortable. confused by their actions.

To perform activities in the pit, they need to be certified to do so. It may sound silly like “Just crash their car with yours, that’s hard” but they could get themselves and their department in big legal trouble if they don’t comply procedure.

Destroy those cars, tax money will bring them new cars that put other drivers’ lives in danger, interstate chases with an offender happened while they were driving. drive encircle that vehicle with no way out.

Unfortunately, many police officers are reluctant to act because the media response has included burned buildings, lawsuits and, of course, prisons. That is what we as a society have created.

Certainly no policeman in this day and age is willing to risk his freedom and health for a society that doesn’t protect them. Drink your coffee and make sure your bunny man and skinny jeans are fashionable and definitely don’t call 911.

Handle your business brat. Although he shot a policeman, he didn’t get as much reaction as a school shooter. The video has received a lot of comments from netizens, with some expressing their emotions at this male student’s actions:

” Highway tunnels do not have to wait for permits”

“Why wait when they’re so scared that they have to wait for the police to show up before they do their job. City police are a joke and should insist on giving parking tickets.”

“I like when the bang gets chased. That means it won’t last much longer lol”