The video recorded the scene of a guy taking a shot towards the goal, from a very far position, but he shot the ball very tight, making viewers extremely surprised

and surprised.

A shot caused two round signs hanging at the ends of the goal to fall, he was considered a very strong and good player. But in the later scene of the video, he is

also about to take a free kick when suddenly a man in a blue shirt starts to get the ball and then runs back to the goal and throws the ball into the net.

Many people commented on this action, but someone also explained that this action was the first video to recreate the scene of the video after not using effects.

The following video, other people’s videos have been processed through special effects. Although it is a way to shoot into the net, it is done in 2 different ways, the

latter video uses the technique and puts the ball into the net quickly and the first video does not.

Many netizens expressed surprise at this, some expressed their views:

“The first video plays back the scene in the video with no effects. The second video is from someone else with the effects processed”

“Absolutely different”

“So it is”