The video shares the image of two guys practicing in the field together, the man in the frame with the goalkeeper position was misled in a subtle way to make him
i couldn’t catch the ball, which cost him a point at the time.

It can be seen that to stand in this goalkeeper position needs a lot of skills and close observation, paying attention not to be distracted by the opponent.
Goalkeepers are often seen as half the strength of the team. In many cases, an excellent goalkeeper can save the goals for the team, who is a lifesaver.
Playing a vital role, the goalkeepers in modern football must constantly practice catching, reflexing and saving techniques in all situations.

Football is always in constant motion, thus creating a lot of football techniques as well as tactical positions on the field. The team of catching techniques for goalkeepers is also not out of trend task. The requirements are even higher one day.
Modern goalkeepers must handle the ball with both hands and feet; especially the techniques of catching the ball, punching the ball are always the core. Besides, there are techniques of ball shooting, ball deception, false moves…

In fact, on the field, it also requires the goalkeeper to observe and coordinate with his teammates to promote fast and lightning attacks. It requires the goalkeeper to be able to pass the ball. throw the ball exactly as far as the team leg.
In general, depending on the course of the match, the goalkeeper must be proficient in applying different techniques.