The video shows a person trying to pick something up from a cat’s nose; it seems very painful and pitiful. He used a pair of tweezers and caught
Entering into his job to rescue that poor cat, he tried to get the tweezers deep inside the cat’s nose, and something seemed to be blocked, probably.
This must be why the cat became like that; he tried to tweeze the tip of the foreign object in the cat’s nose and pull it out gently. Community Network
It was a relief when a strange creature was pulled out, which was enormous compared to the cat’s nose. It must have suffered a lot.

After the video was posted, many netizens were interested and discussed it. Many people don’t even understand what is going on and what is drawn from the cat’s nose is
What. Many questions are raised, why does such a large larva can get into the cat’s nose, or is it already parasitic and growing up in it, although Whatever the reason, it’s scary. They show a lot of love for this cat and are glad their cat at home is still healthy; they promise to take good care of them.

And regular health checks to avoid accidents like this.
Some netizens shared:
“Poor cat. We need to be lucky to have these in the UK. But why can’t the cat be knocked down before it sounds painful?”
“This video made my cat fall asleep on the sofa at the time. She looked at me like I was hurting that poor cat!”
“These creatures are well adapted; see how they changed color to match their host region, yuk!”