Recently, a video after being uploaded caught everyone’s interest and share of a soldier’s actions that made everyone laugh.In the video a man was wearing a short floral dress and standing up against the door and he was posing in all sorts of charming and sexy ways there,then his lieutenant showed up and stood quietly watching him behind his back.

He did not know until his form swiveled backward.When he saw his lieutenant standing in his arms in the pghias behind him, he stopped the action and did not stop shying away.

Maybe he’s been waiting for the moment to wear that dress so much,when he was wearing that dress he was really self-centered and shining with himself. Is jute really his true world,maybe because he had to go to the army, so he didn’t show all his personality and kept his glasses until that floral dress appeared in the army.

When he saw the action of wearing a floral dress and the resilient movement of wearing that dress with those styles, he really exuded happiness and satisfaction, but the appearance of the lieutenant made his passion end there.