The video below captures an image in the army; a soldier is refitting his gun and then disguising himself and the weapon into a green tree. The short video quickly received the attention of netizens; people are often very interested in the lifestyle of the soldiers, and they are always working and working.

Seriously and carefully. They train day and night to protect the country’s peace; they are the silent sacrifice heroes of the nation. The military is an organized group of armed people trained by the state for offensive or defensive warfare. This is the nest of a concentrated, permanent, and professional armed organization built by a state or a political movement to gain power, liberate the land country, and defend its territory, area, or fatherland by armed struggle (war, civil war, fighting…) or waging war or armed struggle to accomplish the political purpose of the state or of that political movement.

The birth and history of the military are due to the history of all conflicts, not just direct military conflicts. The history of the army is a little different from the history of wars. The history of the military deals with people, while the history of wars focuses primarily on the development of the battles themselves, on the change in technology, government, and geography. Military history has many purposes. Its primary goal is to learn from past successes and mistakes to wage future wars more effectively.