The video below captures the image of the policeman and his two service dogs, a dog is outside, and a dog is stuck in a closed cage. It’s trying to mess up and make a way to be released. The content of the video says, “If only we all liked going to work like this.”

After a while, the policeman decided to open the door to let the dog out and seemed very happy; at first, viewers may not understand why he acted. Like that, but after reading the title, they have to laugh and praise the dog’s work ethic. Service dogs are carefully selected and tested, so they are brilliant and sensitive animals, helping the police to solve many secret and complex cases.

Over the years, dogs have become the closest and most loyal friends on many different fronts. Since the wars have not yet In the face of gunpowder and machinery in modern warfare, dogs have remained devoted heroes to their trained owners.

There have been complex cases where border dogs have sacrificed themselves to protect their comrades. The care and training of professional dogs are very impressive.