The secret to naturally beautiful V-line face makeup for women who do not own a slim face, a round face full of elegance and charm.
The slim V-line chin trend is blurring the eyes of many beauties and inadvertently making the less confident, round-faced girls even more self-deprecating.

However, girls should not be too upset. Even if you are not “gifted” to an elegant face with a desirable V-line chin, you can still shine if you know how to apply makeup to your full face.
Recently, a video of a beauty blogger using contouring powder to cover the fat under her chin has surprised the beauty community because of its effectiveness above their expectations.

According to the video, the girl will use a dark color, stick out the fat under the chin so that it can be seen, use a face brush to apply a thin layer enough to cover that excess fat, and the results surprise viewers when but the girl just now was quite chubby, just seconds later she became a hotgirl with a V-line chin
This beauty method is quite useful for girls whose face is not very slim, And after the video was uploaded on social networks, it has gained a lot of attention from the beauty community.

This is a way to contour the face favored by Korean girls. With contouring, it will help to hide the defects of the face shape, highlight the lines that make the face sharper and more personal.
This way, the rest of the face will automatically look darker, making the face look sharper. Stropping is mainly due to using highlighter to darken other areas, so highlighters have light, creamy emulsions that can be easily spread in the most natural way.