The video below captures chaotic images of people protesting on the street and the police trying to stop them. Florissant police are slowly losing control . A senior officer was seen shouting “Get Back” seven times. He was not telling the protesters he was talking to the losing officers.

Control. The chaotic scene worried viewers because they did not know what was happening, but the people protested in large numbers. Before the people’s protests, the officers seemed to be out of control; that’s why netizens had many debates. Some said, “.Nice police officer; we need more of those. When we take the corrupt politicians and presidents and lock them up forever, they need to let us pass.”

Another said, “Great officer how he dealt with the aggression of his colleague,” or “Weekend cowboys, oh well, what they lack in professionalism, they make up for in enthusiasm.”

Today, the protest still happens every day and every hour and has never been radical; actions such as blocking the street and sitting still can also be done.
I called demonstrations. Protests may be nonviolent or violent or begin as nonviolent and become violent depending on the protest situation. Sometimes riot police or other forms of law enforcement also participate in demonstrations. In some cases, this could prevent resistance from happening or not happening. In other cases, it may be to avoid conflicts between rival groups or stop a demonstration from spreading and turning into a riot.