The woman in the video did not know that her brother returned from Romania, he was standing behind her during the graduation ceremony of the air force.

Then she suddenly heard her brother’s voice and at this time she couldn’t hold back her tears but turned to the back with emotion. Her brother gave a solemn

military salute and the two embraced in happiness and joy.

The girl suppressed her emotions for a long time because she did not dare to cry out loud in front of her brother and everyone present. She and her brother have

been apart for a long time because he is busy with work and her sister is busy with school, so the time to see each other is not much, the two love each other

very much and this makes netizens extremely sympathetic feel nostalgic for loved ones who have been away for a long time and now is the time to welcome

them back. Some netizens expressed their feelings:

“That’s great”

“This makes me cry”

“So sweet, I cried”