The stun gun is a fairly common non-lethal weapon used by police and security guards. Taser like Taser can help you defend in dangerous situations or attack

armed enemies.

Possessing unexpected power, but not everyone understands the working mechanism of the stun gun. So how did the stun gun affect the human body and brain, making us numb and unable to move.

When the two darts come into contact with the human body, they will form a closed circuit for the current to flow, causing temporary pain and affecting the central nervous system, making people unable to resist.

However, the Taser gun did not achieve great success from the beginning. Due to the mechanism of propelling darts with gunpowder, the device is listed as a firearm, thus causing concern to police departments and prohibited from being sold to the public.

The Los Angeles Police Department twice rejected the Taser and only started using it in 1980, after its officers shot and killed a woman while settling a dispute over an unpaid gas bill.

Since then, Taser guns have gradually become popular and become an indispensable tool of every American policeman on patrol. Law enforcement agencies largely favor Taser because it not only protects the police from violent criminals but also saves the life of the suspect himself.

However, despite being listed as a “non-lethal” device, there have been a number of deaths due to or related to Taser guns.