Recently,the aggressive actions of a group of people attracted and caused much controversy from the online community.In the video, a group of people screamed and chased after a car of that color that was very aggressive and scary. A couple held up a sign that was probably a protest and risked stopping in front of the car even though the car was still running with very fast speed.

Everyone rushed in and attacked that car,they hit it hard to stop it, shouted and attacked angrily and brutally,smashed windows and threw stuff into trucks and trailers. It’s okay, tohutt breeding. Interstate highway blockade is fine.
That’s what’s happening here. They’re blocking a federal road, not joking… Obviously you don’t pull a trailer. His family was in the truck and his truck was full of horses.

Any American who thinks that running past someone because of the inconvenience of someone walking down the street is a poor citizen. There is never a good way to look at these situations and of course people are wrong. There is also no problem defending yourself or leaving the situation when attacked. However, it seems that people are just reproaching violence, cheering it up, and completely despising their own people. It’s actually pretty sick and it just gets worse.

This is wrong with America. Trying to kill people with a car. Who cares that these people might have been broken. This doesn’t make sense.
This is what happens when you raise kids who have a right to have no respect for others.If they’re trying to advocate for animal rights then they’re definitely not doing a good job here… which will put a strain on those horses!! The screams and beatings in the car can frighten the horses! The owners are trying to protect themselves and their horses from real violence!!
Some comments resented watching the clip: