The M1A2 Abrams is taking on the role of the main tank of the US army while the T-90 is the fearsome war machine of the Russian army. Currently, the M1A2 and T-90 are both rated as the best tanks in the world.

The US military star was upgraded from the M1A1 while the Russian army main tank was upgraded from the M1A1 tank. T-72. The original T-90 was still only the Russian solution in the period of great tank development, but what it showed made this tank line become the mainstay of the Russian army during this period transfer.

The US Army’s M1A2 tank development project was initiated in 1988, but the first model was officially put into service by the US Army in 1992.

The first T-90 model entered service. The Russian army has been involved in the war since 1991. The M1A2s are 9.83 m long (including barrel length), 3.48 m wide and 2.44 m high, weighing about 62.5 tons.

The combat payroll of M1A2 consists of 4 people. The T-90 tank is 9.63 m long (including barrel length), 2.22 m high and 3.78 m wide. They have a tonnage of about 47.5 tons with a combat staff of 3.

The 1,500-horsepower engine allows the M1A2 to move at a maximum speed of 67 km/h with a range of 425 km. The T-90 has a maximum capacity of 1,250 horsepower, but thanks to its light weight, they can still move at a maximum speed of 65 km / h.

Their range can be up to 700 km if equipped with the most powerful engine. Besides the perfect combat ability, the armor is the outstanding achievement of the Russian and American tanks, but they have always been tight-lipped about the composition of this part.

The M1A2s are equipped with anti-piercing composite armor, Kevlar armor to prevent cracking, and explosive reactive armor to protect the tank from specialized weapons.

The M1A2’s armor also helps protect it from depleted uranium bullets. Meanwhile, the Russian tank is surrounded by a top secret mixture, combining steel with composites and explosive reactive armor.

It also protects the tank against depleted uranium-coated ammunition designed to penetrate thick armor. Both Russian and American tanks are equipped with specialized systems, which increase the ability to distract direction of enemy anti-tank missiles.

Both tanks have a modern fire control support system that helps hit moving targets. They are capable of performing well in all weather conditions, day or night.