The video below captures the image of a policeman walking with his dog in the parking lot, and then the policeman walked over to the car when he happened to be caught by the dog. The dog entangled his leg, so he fell; he pretended unconscious to see how the dog reacted. The video ended in disappointment, leaving viewers with many regrets.

They were curious about how the dog reacted and handled the situation. Many people expressed interest in the scene’s funny case. Observe and assume that they often do the same with their dog. You can’t blame it just because the love and affection for the owner sometimes turn into problems for the owner.

Mine. Besides, many people are annoyed when posting a video that doesn’t push enough content like that; they need a complete video to satisfy their curiosity.
This is a video of a like sentence, causing curiosity and hitting viewers’ psychology to increase their views and returns. That act of like the sentence is not too strange to us today.

Social networks are increasingly developing, and we can earn a high income from them, so many people aim to catch views and like and perform tricks to achieve their goals.