The video below records images at a railway track; two police officers and a man in a black and white shirt. A policeman tries to beat his iron with his iron. Strike him, and no, we just dodged but didn’t react quickly. He was beaten up and collapsed; the policeman saw this and stopped his colleague because he could be deadly if he continued.

The short video promptly went viral and attracted netizens. People wonder why the name of the scene The killer then beat the man so brutally; why didn’t the man try to respond quickly? They were angry and harshly criticized the barbaric policeman that man and reclaimed the other man’s rights; even if he did something wrong, he had no right to beat him like that.

Even a criminal has the law to punish him and has the right to protect his body. Some say he is being racist because of the color of his skin, but the policeman himself has the same skin color as the man. Everyone, please make every effort to call and demand to clarify this matter and punish the other policeman appropriately for abusing his position of authority to beat others.

There must be an appropriate deterrence. And set an example for others. Some netizens shared:
“I guess… they asked him for ID, and he told him “no”… Guess the bright side is he didn’t get shot!????”
“Wow, and he never tried his swing defensively. But the cops are still swinging at him. This cop isn’t worth it.”
“Police should be charged with general assault!! And charging others for not stopping beating!”