The video below captures images of a road where the traffic is hectic, and the cars are waiting in line for their turn to move. The police come here and work, solve the traffic jam and guide people to move. Many people wonder what happened to lead to such a traffic jam; the video can’t convey any information; viewers are annoyed and angry because this video says, like, crap.

Deliberately cropping to create curiosity for viewers to force them to watch many times and leave comments at the end of the video. Just attracting viewers is enough to achieve their goal. Today technology The more information develops, the more we can generate a high income; many people who view views and likes have posted disturbing clips of unknown content.

Content, or videos with harmful content… because as long as they have a lot of attention and views, they’ve achieved their goal.
Some netizens shared about the video above:
“Why? This is stupid! You see this every day, nothing interesting!”
“Surprised billion didn’t record while he rolled his coals across the intersection . . . . “

“Anytime it says, watches till the end. I move on.”
“Just want to know what happens to all the traffic; what’s the video.”
“Why can’t you watch the ending.”