The video below captures the scene of a policeman coming home from work and when he entered the house to find his door open while his family is at home.
No one is believed to be at home; he discovered two men in his house and quickly turned around. Then he got into his car and took his gun.

Enter the house again. The ending video caused a lot of controversies, and most people thought this was just a staging, a video that just liked you. Say, “I think so too. A lot of flags go off with this. If the family is at the store, they’re not in danger in the house. Check the dangerous footage before pulling the gun if the doorbell has a camera. If you can’t check the footage right away, take a tour around the house and assess the situation Figure. Damn, the FIRST thing he should do is call the police for assistance. It looks like this was staged just for the “oh look, I have a gun; that makes me a super representative character, and everyone needs to know.” And if not, a lot of choices are being made without thinking,” .

Another said. “There are also people who get a notification from their ring doorbell. If their front door is wide open, how don’t they get notified by their nifty camera doorbell that somehow it’s gone? Record them going home, but aren’t the people supposed to come through their front door? This is ridiculous.” What do you think about this incident?