The clip shows two traffic policemen arguing with the young man and the ending. So there is such a thing as innocence until proven guilty and if you don’t witness then I’m not guilty and what asshole are you to swear at adults. Look, I get them, even I did that, driving my motorbike really fast, but regardless of that cop, any of our cops wouldn’t do that to me. He can shut me up with a ticket to put me in jail but don’t think because you have a badge it gives you the right to arrest someone else. Typical comments.

There is no context of the video. How can any of you judge who is right, without knowing anything about the video? Just blindly supporting guys on bikes. The civilian witness said “you could have killed us all”. Apparently they did something pretty serious. Aren’t you doing the same thing? If you have the full video, please share. You seem quite one-sided. This cop is not a law but a tool and needs escalation techniques, a lot. Be responsible. I’m Leo pro but if he can’t prove who did it or has a digital scene he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

I bet it was all thrown away Not how you downplay a situation. His supervisor should have been called. Definitely got his panties in a twist. You are a cop, not a father. You don’t have to talk about who you are. Bastard and bastard. Do your job and shut up.. bad ass screams and screams like a bitch. I told him to start writing and get annoyed. I love how the police act as if they can scold you like a child. This guy is not respected. The traffic stop came to be avoided as soon as another state he pulled a legal stop or violated during a traffic stop with the state highway patrol they had to wear a hat to become a complete uniform if they do not accept the violation. The police are also other people.

I’ve had a road bike all my life but a lot of these cyclists run like assholes. I bet these guys deserve it. Switch to berm. Pass in the middle. Split the car in between two lanes. Do more than 100 mph. this is why the police act the way they do to other people and you all talk about beating the police then bitch and complain when it’s true you guys are going crazy! !!!!!!!!! This generation is brain dead and thinks all should be given to them and there is no residual for their actions. Just because there is an IQ limit on the Police doesn’t mean they can’t do their job within the limits of the Constitutional Law. Please google the IQ limit for the Police if you don’t believe it.