Sex has always been something that men care about and value very much. For men, they view making their partner climax and reaching orgasm as a success. That’s why men are always curious if women like to be big or long to meet the needs of their partner.

Not only men but also women care about the size of the “small penis”, if it is too small and short, it will make men feel inferior, women are not satisfied and achieve pleasure. Because size will affect their sex for the other, many men wonder “women like big or long?”

Size is quite important in bed, but not everyone has both. So if it’s only 1 of 2, women prefer bigger or longer.

Big “little brother” will help the contact with the vaginal wall more, longer will help go deeper. Both have different effects on the vagina and create their own pleasure. A woman’s vagina is also elastic to adapt to different sizes of penises. So, big or long can bring pleasure. However, this is not what women care about the most.

In fact, the most important thing in making a partner “climax” is care and love. If a man wants his partner to be satisfied in the “love” relationship, then make a good start.

A good start is to know how to stroke and touch sensitive points to make the “little girl” wet. When creating a lot of wetness, penetration of the penis is also easy. This also makes them both pain free and enjoy being touched.

And if the size is large and long, men do not care about women’s feelings. Just like “intrusion”, no women like it at all, at this time, it only makes love more painful and obsessive. A man who cannot create love and stimulation makes the vagina still dry, then surely when the “little boy” enters the “girl” it will be very painful and does not want “love” to take place anymore.