Video footage of police carrying 2 people chasing a black car that was about to come here, this car made the police monitor day and night and finally discovered

the car prepare to run through this route.

They prepared everything and started to have the items to be able to catch this car, he used a long rope and threw it from where he was standing to the other side

of the road for the car.

It crashed and was hard to drive. Immediately after colliding with that rope and the car overturned causing the car to slow down, the two policemen took the opportunity to give chase.

The video has received a lot of comments from netizens about this video, some saying that this is also dangerous when it happens too fast, the very car the driver

is driving. The conversion process takes place at a high speed that makes viewers extremely scared.

“Divine mode? Damn it!”

“Idiots should be in the back of their car when they throw it.”

“Oh, he did an excellent job. I’m sure everyone there gets a medal for every situation.”