The video was posted about the fact that police officers were on duty and they were breaking the door to break into the house but could not. Each person took turns to change.

Each other broke the door even using support tools, but it was impossible. As soon as it was posted, the video attracted many curious online communities about this incident.
They asked many questions about this incident, why did the police officers destroy the property like that, whether there were people inside that house, or was there a dead person in it?
And thousands of questionable questions were asked, making the video the center of attention and being watched by many people while waiting for news of what was happening.

In addition, many people expressed frustration when the public servants couldn’t break their wealth, and they doubted their qualifications or instead used their strength to If they break the property, they can hire an artisan who specializes in unlocking; then, I can solve the problem faster without spending so much effort and time. Pair taking too much time can make things worse.

Some nasty comments like:
“And if they don’t die, they still try to open end today….”
“Everybody went through the back door back then.”
“The powerful arm of the law!!”
“This is why dynamite is better at every angle…”

Some people wittily think this is a video advertising a specific manufacturer’s door: “The footage can cause door manufacturers to enter the wrong way.