In the clip, the father and son went to the supermarket and saw the police group beating the woman. Article 5. Violations against regulations on public order. A warning or a fine of between VND 100,000 and 300,000 shall be imposed for one of the following acts: a) Using gestures and words that are rough, provocative, teasing or insulting to the honor and dignity of others;

Causing disorder at theatres, cinemas, cultural houses, clubs, art performance places, places where physical training and sports activities are held, festivals, exhibitions, fairs, and poles. offices of agencies, organizations, residential areas, schools, hospitals, railway stations, docks, bus stations, on streets, at border gates, ports or in other public places; c) Letting domestic animals go wild in cities, towns or public places.

Point e, clause 1 of this article uses the expression “a woman who knows she is pregnant”, this means that if a person thinks that the woman is pregnant (whether in fact she is pregnant or not) If you still hit, it is a crime against a woman who knows she is pregnant. If hitting a pregnant woman with an injury rate of less than 11%, the offenders shall be sentenced to non-custodial reform for up to 3 years or a prison term of between 6 months and 3 years.

from 02 years to 05 years and for the larger proportions specified in Clauses 3 to 6, the penalties in that bracket will be imposed (with aggravating circumstances being crimes against pregnant women, the penalties will be increased). but must not exceed that frame) Thus, according to the provisions at point e – clause 1, “women know to be pregnant”, that is, if a person thinks that the woman is pregnant (in fact, that person is pregnant or not). If you still hit, that is a crime against a woman who knows she is pregnant.