According to the video, the man riding a motorbike was arrested by the police and then forced to stop. Although his attitude was quite cooperative, seeing the policeman approaching he took out the key and gave it to the police

But instead of reciprocating the motorcyclist’s act of goodwill, the police looked at him like a criminal, dragged him out of the car and moved back to the police car.
Others argue that:
It is not directly illegal, but it is according to police training and procedure. The police officer should only really do this if (s)he about the job vehicle may drive off before their job there is done.
On a normal traffic stop where there are no red flags on the car or driver, there is no reason for the driver to suddenly take off, so there is no reason for the keys to have to be removed.

The officer may ask that the driver turn the car off, though. This way, if the driver decides to drive off, he will have to start the car up again, giving the officers enough time to get in their car for safety and to give chase.
You have it backwards. People are presumed to be innocent, u till proven guilty. Not the other way around. The simplest way to explain it is this.
Police need to suspect you of a crime to get your ID. Not just be curious! BUT, for so long, the average person has willingly given up the right to protect thier identity,

That NOW, if you refuse, ie, stand up and insist on your rights, your automatically thought to be guilty.
there are places to ride like that, not the highway. Asswipes like yall will eventually make it illegal for the rest of us to own. Someone like you doesn’t even understand responsibility so its pointless even talking to you,
like talking to a child
Others also commented:
“regardless, a cop shouldn’t be aggressive to a person who clearly isn’t being combative. Just another cop who got bullied and now is taking it out on the public.”
” cops shouldn’t chase you for miles more likely will cause an accident just another dumb thing they do… the guy literally did what he wanted him to do and the cop just a dbag”

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