The video below captures the image of a man walking with his dog K9; it seems to have discovered something and run back. There is a child’s shoe on the side of a lake and the edge of the lake. It approached and looked around the shoe, looking down at the lake. Viewers were also distraught.

Worried when the dog changed its behavior, it must have detected something wrong but is still trying to find and signal so everyone can join its search. Someone thinks the other shoe belongs to a child and it may have slipped down there and thinks everyone should look under the lake.

See, Although everyone is insecure and understands why the dog is acting like that, they still secretly hope that everyone is okay and no one has any problems. A police dog is a brilliant and sensitive animal, helping to solve challenging and mysterious cases, it is also an essential component in the investigation and preservation of defend the country.

Some people claim that:
“They say watch to the end, and when it’s all most over, it starts from the first again.”
“Discovered a shoe you put there to make this dumbass video.”
“What a great K9; he knew something was wrong, and you could see the worry in his actions. I hope someone only lost a shoe. What good dogs, I thank them.”
“On OUR afternoon walk, proofread before you post.”