The video recorded many policemen coming to the protest site of people here, because they did not accept a certain term or request, so they acted like that.

Protest is the expression, expression of thoughts, actions, disagreement with regulations, related to the interests, of organizations, individuals or groups of people who support the target other target or nucleus.

It usually involves walking to mass battle and begins with an encounter at a predefined or not-just-ready location. Actions such as shining lights, sitting still can also be called emotional conversations.

Protests may be nonviolent or violent, or may begin as nonviolent and become violent depending on the circumstances of the demonstration. Even riot police or other forms of law enforcement joined the protests.

In some cases, this may be an attempt to prevent resistance from happening or not happening. In this video, the police are coming to clean up the order, but it seems impossible, they stand in a group and then watch and do nothing, the people around consider that action cowardly.

Such cowardice and weakness would not be able to protect anyone else. Some of the angry comments shared would be:

“You don’t step back, you stand firm or move forward. What’s wrong with them?”

“You weak bastard would cringe in front of any cop. Obviously you went to jail for cowardice.”

“So far it’s been quiet, I’m curious how long the police will stay calm.”