The video sparked controversy when the camera captured a black man being brutally beaten by two police officers and this was revealed when he fought back.

This officer immediately hit his head with a stick and made him lie on the floor and could only cover his head with his hands. One policeman used a stick and beat him while the other stood by and did nothing.

He tried to endure and the other policeman continued to beat him, if the other policeman did not stop him, he would be beaten to death. This video was captured

by a nearby camera and the two officers didn’t know it and thought they were going to bury it, but unfortunately for them, the video was uploaded to the two officers will receive a well-deserved lesson.

He’s the guy at House who thinks he’s better than everyone else in this area. One day he will receive a rude awakening. He’s really doing a job with a lot of protection for his head and arms before a good game to practice.

But some say the police are doing their job well, the guy in the white t-shirt (and no, I don’t care what color he is) is walking into the police in tbe and clearly intending to do harm he.

The police handled it effectively. There is nothing wrong here; The police also want to go home at the end of the day. He didn’t reach for his gun arm and shoot him…

So you could say he used enough defense to subdue this man… That’s it. minimum. what he can do for a man so much bigger than him… Too extreme. It’s obnoxious.

The police turned from restrained behavior to aggressive assault. The man was killed after the first 2 shots.. Why so aggressive?

“The white cop did this, he’s gonna be famous”

“But nobody likes it when I say I’ve actually seen (witness) more of this than I’ve ever seen from a cop of another race…just telling my truth!”

“Police need to be fired and jailed”