In the clip, a traffic policeman went to a grocery store to harass him standing at the door, seeing that no one was there, he pushed the door open and pushed it out, and the door crashed into a car, distorting the car. at that store. As a traffic policeman, to do such an act is too illegal and was taken by the grocery store owner’s camara to the police station to work and he ended up being fired Collect to inform, analyze, evaluate and forecast the situation and propose to the Party and State to promulgate and direct the implementation of guidelines, policies, laws and strategies to protect national security and ensure order. , social safety, fight against crime; participate in the appraisal and assessment of impacts on national security, social order and safety on socio-economic development master plans, plans and projects

To proactively prevent, detect, block and fight against conspiracies and activities infringing upon national security, eliminating risks threatening national security; protect the Party, State and the socialist regime, protect the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Fatherland; protect political security, security in the fields of ideology – culture, economy, defense, foreign affairs, information, society, environment and other national interests; 3. Intelligence activities as prescribed by law. Protect senior leaders of the Party and State, international guests to visit and work in Vietnam; protect important political, economic, diplomatic, scientific – technical, cultural and social events and objectives; protecting important works related to national security, foreign representative agencies, representatives of international organizations in Vietnam;

To perform the management of national security protection and state secret protection; assume the prime responsibility for managing the entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam; control entry, exit and transit at border gates according to the Government’s regulations; 6. Carry out the management of crime investigation and prevention. To assume the prime responsibility for performing the task of preventing and combating terrorism and riots and to deal with complicated situations of national security, social order and safety in accordance with law. 7. To perform the management of criminal judgment execution; to manage prisons, compulsory education institutions, reformatories, detention camps and custody houses; organize the execution of criminal judgments and decisions and judicial measures, and perform the task of supporting judicial activities in accordance with law.

To perform the management on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of social security, order and safety; sanction administrative violations and apply administrative handling measures in accordance with law; ensure security and order in the implementation of enforcement decisions at the request of competent agencies. Manage residence, national database on population, citizen identity, seal, traffic order and safety, public order, weapons, explosives, tools support, fire prevention and fighting according to the provisions of law; issue citizen identification cards; registration and issuance of number plates of road motor vehicles; carry out the work of fire prevention and fighting and rescue and rescue; perform security and order management of conditional business lines and security services in accordance with law. Those are the tasks the police need to do, if they do not meet the requirements, they will be fired.