The video below captures the image of a rather severe traffic incident, first appearing with a picture of a male policeman standing and working with a man. Man. His face seems scratched; viewers can quickly tell this is an accident. The next frame lags the car has been hit and damaged and damaged, and if anyone.

If you are observant, it will be easy to immediately recognize that a person is lying in the back of the car, and his face is covered with blood. That person does not know whether he is fainting or dead and lying there motionless. According to the man who was taken to the car by the police, the ending video worried viewers; it is indeed a severe accident and can affect others.

I don’t know who is right and wrong in this matter; I must wait for the law enforcement agency to handle it. Currently, traffic accidents are not too strange to us, it happens every day and every hour and the level is getting more and more serious, means of transport are growing, but human consciousness is increasingly limited, not accepting enforce traffic laws: swerve around, run red lights, use vehicles under age, or have used stimulants with alcohol content.

Not really understanding traffic laws, but still involved in the use, that’s why this traffic accident is increasing. The video is also a wake-up call to everyone. People must know how to obey traffic laws to protect themselves and others.