The video below captures the chaos on the road; Many people were gathering, and the police knew. Remarkably, they are observing people. The woman is shouting at the man. She was furious, and he didn’t seem to respond, but his face also showed anger.

Viewers think this could be a protest or a big fight between two groups fighting to win. Therefore, the police had to be here to prevent bad situations from happening. The online community was agitated and bewildered by this incident; they didn’t understand what was going on and why the girl was so angry
. Netizens hope there will be a follow-up video explaining this and giving the results so they can answer their questions.

Although they live peacefully, they are no strangers to such protests and controversies. They want to stand up for their rights and never surrender to fate. Besides, there are also Unjust demonstrations meant to cause trouble and should also be condemned.

The demonstration is the expression or expression of thoughts, actions, and disagreements with regulations related to the interests of organizations, individuals, or groups of supporters for political or legal purposes, Due to others. It usually includes walking to major parades and begins with a meetup at a designated or undesignated location.