Recently, in the clip, a plane crashed into a UFO and exploded, killing many people. UFO is also known as UFO  (short for Unidentified flying object in .)
English) is any unseen aerial phenomenon that cannot be immediately identified or explained. Upon investigation, most UFOs were identified  as objects or objects
atmospheric phenomena are known, while a small number remains unexplained.

Scientists and skeptical organizations such as the Sceptic Inquiry Committee  have offered explanations of a large number of UFOs believed to be caused by natural phenomena, human technology, illusions or hoaxes. Small but loud groups of “ufologists ” supports unconventional, ‘pseudoscientific’ hypotheses, some of which go beyond claims of typical ‘alien’ visits and sometimes part of ‘religions’.

While anomalous sightings have been reported in the skies throughout history, UFOs did not gain modern cultural prominence until later in the World War.
II, escalating in the  Space Age. The 20th century has seen studies and investigations of UFO reports carried out by a number of governments (such as the Project
project Grudge and Sign in US and Project Condign in United Kingdom), as well as by many organizations and individuals. Therefore, when traveling by plane, it is recommended that the captains be more attentive.