The phrase “built different” is meant to describe a person or thing that is on another level.

“Built different” is a slang phrase used to indicate when an individual or thing is on another level. It also implies that the individual is fearless, elite, and thinks in an advanced manner.

The expression can also be used to address an individual’s attractive qualities and outward appearance.

According to Urban Dictionary, the expression also indicates when “two homies are too hot for the streets.”

Self-worth is what you believe is important to you and brings success to the things you do every day. When the things you do and the way you behave are in harmony with your values, life seems to be more fun and work is no longer a burden. On the contrary, when the work you do is contrary to your values, you feel that something is wrong, and certainly, your work will not be as successful as you want.

Ideally, your priorities in life are determined by your self-worth. For example, you are a hard worker who loves your job and your profession requires you to spend more than 8 hours at the office. You are not bothered but also very happy enjoying your work. Congratulations, your self-worth and life priorities are in perfect harmony.

Each individual has their own wonderful characteristics. Ostriches are very good at running fast and eagles can fly high. No one appreciates ostriches for their ability to fly or to train eagles to run fast. So you need to know your values and choose the right jobs for them to shine. Reality has proven, only those who master the skills and love the work they are doing have the ability to become good people in that field.

On the other hand, believing and following your own values will help guide your career and lead you to success. A good example of the courageous pursuit of self-worth is the success of Steve Jobs when he invented the Mac computer. Although he hated studying in a university environment, Steve Jobs had a special passion for typography. It was this passion that led him to study a beautiful handwriting course. Here he learned everything about typefaces, spacing between different combinations of characters, and printing techniques. Ten years later, Jobs released the first Mac computer with an unprecedented feature: users could choose from a variety of font styles and see the typeface displayed on the screen, without having to wait. until printed. When participating in this beautiful handwriting course, Steve Jobs probably did not think that one day he would change the whole world.