The girl in the video is the focus of this video as she has a body that is the complete opposite of pole dancing, many people would think that she won’t be able to swing on this pole because her body is a bit heavy but after watching, everyone must be amazed.

Despite facing negative reviews from society, pole dancing still thrives, attracting a large number of students thanks to the health and mental benefits it brings. again.

Pole dancing is known to simply perform movements with a pole. This subject synthesizes many bodybuilding movements, ballet, modern dance, … This subject combines dance and acrobatic movements with the highlight of which is the “pole” props.

Pole dancing helps people lose weight effectively, have a toned, neat and hot body. In addition, this subject also brings a series of health benefits such as reducing stress, improving the joint system, making the body more flexible, regulating the heart and blood circulation better as well as sleeping better.

The girl persisted in studying and training and this also made her do things. Although her current appearance makes her heavy, she showed off her beautiful, graceful and confident curves and slits at the end that impressed viewers.

A pair of high heels, a beautiful graceful curve makes viewers fall in love. Many netizens expressed their love and admiration for this sport:

“Beautiful. I’ll die in my shoes. I don’t need a pole, but if shoes don’t kill me, the pole will.”

“Wow! You are a woman! Beautiful curves, graceful, strong and confident. Enjoy your best life. You are amazing.”

“Let’s go girl!! Impressive!!”

That does not make her self-conscious about her current overweight appearance, but shows everyone that she has done it. The video has received many shares and comments from netizens.