The video shared the image of a policewoman on duty and was videotaped by another person, she got angry and threw the camera away, which created a strong controversy for the police many people after the video was posted.

It’s very sad when there is no respect for law enforcement and law enforcement doesn’t have respect for the public either, all we have is stupid acting people on both sides just no respect any more at all.

Some people’s comments:

“Standing up to bullying arrogant cops is one thing, but the ones who relentlessly insult & antagonize cops for no really good reason are wrong. Cops should film them acting like fools, then post the videos.”

“We cant judge anything on a smal clip like this. Unless we see the entire clip i am backing the officer. I bet she told him a houndred time to back off..”

“dude you shouldn’t be inches from someone’s face with a camera. you think because they’re cops it’s not harassment”

‘police an law personnel MUST identify themselves.. those blue bands were hiding their badge ID # – if they refuse to identify themselves you don’t have to recognize their authority – thugs with badges”

” You value vanity over safety of people doing their job. I merely said they shouldn’t be in anyone’s face because they don’t have that right, and nothing states that you can invade personal space or cause safety issues”

” I know plenty good cops and I have seen a much larger epidemic of misbehaving bitter whiners that make a police officer’s job nearly impossible. If the public learned to behave themselves I would see a lot less “bad police reaction” videos. Someone is clearly calling the cops because suspicious/criminal activity is occurring. Maybe you should find out why police are called in the first place?”