The girl in the video is an adventurous girl on the street, when she stopped at the traffic light behind her car there was an incident and then the policeman riding next to her reminded that there was a traffic light something is not right.

Something in the car fell off. He meant to stop and remind this girl, she turned back to see what was wrong. The girl said she didn’t have time to thank him before the light turned green.

Luckily for the girl he was reminded and checked by him before she moved out or else he didn’t know what would happen, he meant well but what made this girl awkward was that she didn’t so.

Time to say thank you to him. What netizens wondered was why she didn’t feel anything unusual in the car and kept running until the guy noticed and told her.

“Ride like you are invisible.”

“Why can’t you know something happened to you”

“Too bad where there’s more of a clear color, that helps a lot.”