Last I checked we live in the US and not North Korea. Unless he broke the law he didn’t make the police out of control of him. The safety of non-trump officers our Constitution. This is an old video and the cop has been fired. Officers have a very difficult job. Many of them did not return home. It’s a matter of safety for the officer. There’s nothing wrong with asking to see someone’s hand. If you want to be that challenging then you deserve a hard time. Just be polite, listen and everyone will come back.

Those who choose the “dangerous” job of the police are complaining that it is difficult. Don’t give them the right to act like children and force others to listen to them when they clearly don’t have a right to other people’s business. You’re right it’s a matter of safety and nowhere in our constitution does it say. Trump Safety Police is our constitution. A police officer can ask you to take your hand out of your pocket but you can say no and if a police officer is stupid enough to pull out his weapon and point it at you.

You need to make sure he gets charged for that. see if you call the police when you need them.. or your kid gets shot, the police are there to protect the rights of others, you don’t know if this idiot just beat his wife… cooperate community living is essential to a civilized environment… someone called the police.. You don’t have to listen to them if you’re not in custody. Now fools will let them intimidate you. There’s no reason to pull a gun. He escalates rather than lowers. Also never said why he stopped him. The law allows a police officer to remove you from a vehicle if you have broken the law but no police officer can walk up to your seat in a vehicle and get you out of the vehicle. They can ask you to get out of the car but without the crime they can’t make you. If you can’t understand simple safety. Simply remove your hand from your pocket so he can see if you have a weapon.

That’s all. If you do not understand that your damn problem. I love our constitution above all else. But we have some rules enforced by law enforcement that put their lives on the line. Have too much to tell me see your hand? The only stupid person who hates such a thing is hiding something or always doing illegal things. That’s a damn thing to do. maybe in some cases but you would be crazy to believe that all officers want to shoot people. They are also not treated well in court when a wrongful death occurs like the case of George Floyd. Perhaps stop believing everything you are told unless it has undeniable proof? This video is of a person testing the cop instead of showing he’s not a threat. I’ve seen enough videos of criminals with a ban on disobeying the police and running away or using a gun, so it matters both ways. After much research, the officer was forced to retire and keep his benefits, legal lawsuits are still waiting for the son of the cameraman, whom the police are looking for has been fired on all charges of he.