The video recorded a girl moving a gun in front of this officer, he handed the gun to self-defense and had no intention of harming anyone but the girl sitting in

that car opened fire and injured him.

He was hit by a bullet lying on the street, causing so much controversy, she caused her own death, all she had to do was do as he said. I watched the entire video earlier this year and she was furious and again she was able to lock the car and run away but it wasn’t far before she did and died there.

Police brutality is a very real and common occurrence. That’s a big problem that needs to be solved. When people take videos like this that show the force it takes

for a police officer to save their own or someone else’s life and say it’s brutal, they downplay the seriousness of the situation that brutality of the real police and you get people who simply think that all cops have that decisive quality that comes from this kind of stuff.

Once she pointed her gun at the police, she was bound to be wrong and couldn’t get away with it, this cop did nothing wrong just to protect herself, she blew herself up.

The gun aimed at him, injuring him. The video made viewers angry because of this stupid action, many people thought that she had to pay a heavy price for this action:

“The police did everything right!!! So glad she won’t be a problem in our society anymore!!!”

“The police were right to make the stupid decision that led to her death”

“I agree that the police are just doing their job”