The video re-shares the image of a stray cat going to the man’s house and it goes there every day, it has started to get acquainted with the family’s reindeer then both can watch as become close friends. This cat seems to have been lost for a long time and can’t find his way home anymore, he has been there often and considers it as his home, hope The owner here can adopt it if it can’t find its way home or its owner can’t find it anymore.

The video, after being posted, quickly received a lot of attention from everyone, everyone felt that they were so lovely and cute about this friendship.

Cats have different priorities than dogs.
Unlike dogs, whose ancestors were wolves, which inherited the ability to build social relationships, cats descended from a solitary, territorial animal.
For a lone predator like a feral cat, detailed knowledge of where to hunt, where prey can be found and where it isn’t, makes the difference between well-being and comfort and hunger.

That’s why cat owners are advised to keep them indoors for two to three weeks after moving to a new place.
It takes a long time for a cat to build a belief that its new environment is just as good as the old one.
So cats are very loyal, but are loyal to locations.